The first in the CIS 3S Hino dealer center was opened in September 2018. The dealer center meets the high standards of the Japanese Hino Motors, Ltd. company, which is part of the Toyota group of companies and provides its clients with a full range of service including the sale of trucks, its maintenance and the sale of spare parts.

The total area of Hino Almaty is 2120 square meters, on which there is a spacious showroom, a spare parts warehouse and a service area with four fully equipped stations. Clients whose vehicles are serviced at the Hino technical center receive an official dealer’s guarantee for all the work performed, as well as for the spare parts and the materials used.

Product Line:
• Heavy-duty trucks (Hino 700)
• Medium-duty trucks (Hino 500)
• Light-duty trucks (Hino 300)
The chassis of Hino trucks intended for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan are assembled in Japan in the cities of Hamura (Hino 300) and Koga (Hino 500 and Hino 700).

All cars supplied to the Kazakhstan market are adapted to the harsh operating conditions – they are equipped with a reinforced frame and chassis, heated fuel filters are installed on them, there are regular places for the installation of an autonomous heater, additional anti-corrosion treatment has been performed. The triple filtration system, installed only on Hino, allows the vehicle to operate even when the fuel quality is very poor.

In Kazakhstan, all Hino vehicles undergo mandatory certification tests, as well as voluntary tests in extreme climatic conditions using local fuel. All models perfectly perform the tasks and show excellent results, confirming the stated characteristics.

  • Almaty, Kuldzhinsky tract, 26/1
  • +7 (727) 355-00-01
  • https://hino-trucks.kz/
  • k.daulbaev@hino-trucks.kz

After-sales service

The production facilities of our service center allow us to carry out maintenance in full.
Our service area is equipped with the most modern lifting, repair and computer diagnostic equipment. As well as a specialized tool that allows us to carry out work of any complexity in the shortest time possible. Thanks to the availability of four stations, the service station of the Auto Center can handle 10-12 vehicles per day.

All work is performed by highly qualified specialists who have been trained and certified according to Hino Motors standards. We give an official dealer’s guarantee for all the work performed, as well as for the spare parts and the materials used.